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The Wool Jeanie

The Wool Jeanie

The Wool Jeanie is an amazing new must-have accessory for knitters and crocheters! A yarn holder with a difference, the Wool Jeanie has a unique design. Its small magnet attachment allows your ball of yarn to hang freely, whilst gently spinning. This allows the yarn to unwind at the same rate as you knit or crochet - meaning a tangle-free, easy knitting or crochet experience! The Wool Jeanie will arrive flat-packed, with illustrated instructions on how to put the different parts together. If needed, the Wool Jeanie can be easily disassembled after use to allow for easy transportation and storage. The Wool Jeanie can hold a ball of yarn weighing up to 200g.

Variations include spare parts: spindle only or base only

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Plastic, Metal, Magnet

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Please be careful to not drop or smash the products as they may break.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Rosemary Schroyer
My Wool Jeanie

This is my second Wool Jeanie. Best yarn tool I have ever bought!
And thanks for the fast shipping.

Donna Clark
So incredibly helpful!

This little gadget is just what I wanted! It makes crocheting so much more enjoyable…no more constant tugging at the yarn ball, or having to adjust tension constantly! Really excited that I own this now :)

Exceeded my high expectation

I had heard great things in my crochet community about this item and how helpful it has been so I was excited to give it a try. So very happy I did! I love it so much and it has absolutely lived up to the high recommendations. For me…it has been a tremendous help with my tension and, because I’m not interrupting my work to pull yarn, I find I work faster and easier..I love it!!

Game changer indeed.

So very glad to have purchased this from this store; it’s solved my snarls and yarn running down the hallway. Wonderful product. Super easy to use.

Jennifer Santana
Love it!

I absolutely love this Wool Jeanie. I had seen them on people's posts and wanted one for quite some time. It's a game changer from having tangled yarn for sure.

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