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Spare Parts for The Wool Jeanie

Spare Parts for The Wool Jeanie

Variations: spindle only or base only

Purchasing spare parts is great for those who use multiple yarns per project! By purchasing additional spindles and bases, you can change out the yarn that spins on the Wool Jeanie.

The Wool Jeanie is an amazing new must-have accessory for knitters and crocheters! A yarn holder with a difference, the Wool Jeanie has a unique design. Its small magnet attachment allows your ball of yarn to hang freely, whilst gently spinning. This allows the yarn to unwind at the same rate as you knit or crochet - meaning a tangle-free, easy knitting or crochet experience! The Wool Jeanie will arrive flat-packed, with illustrated instructions on how to put the different parts together. If needed, the Wool Jeanie can be easily disassembled after use to allow for easy transportation and storage. The Wool Jeanie can hold a ball of yarn weighing up to 200g.

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Spare Spindle: Plastic, Magnet
Spare Base: Plastic

Shipping & Returns

Item ships in 1-2 business days from NY, USA.

Care Instructions

Please be careful to not drop or smash the products as they may break.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
sapre parts available for my WOOL JEANIE

I looked for days before finding the spare parts. I was so excited when I found them. This makes my crocheting much easier not only because of the motion and no yarn all over the place. But when making several things I Can have one spindle loaded with the 2 or 3 colors needed all at once, for each project.

Vickie McDaniel
Highly recommend

Absolutely love my Wool Jeanie and decided I needed an extra spindle so I wouldn't need to swap yarn when changing colors or alternating 2 projects. Shipped quickly and I am so happy with my purchase.

Teresa Saathoff
Great service

Great value for a great product. Just ordered one as a gift for my sister.

Best choice ever

Love my wool jeanie
...having extra spindles makes my color work a non tangled breeze

Kathleen Jenco
Must Haves

I realized right away that I needed spare spindles as I'm working on 4 different shawls. I only have 3 now and wish I had ordered more! The cost of shipping keeps me from getting that extra one! If you are thinking of getting a Wool Jeanie, I suggest ordering the extra spindles if you work on more than one project at a time.

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